ATEC provides cost-effective contract engineering and R&D services that help engineering and technology companies solve their advanced thermal management problems. ATEC delivers innovative, proprietary, thermal management solutions for a wide variety of industries. ATEC's advanced thermal management solutions address tough problems that increasingly cannot be solved with standard "off the shelf" components. Our staff has the skills to identify and understand the wide range of issues that are part of solving our customers' thermal problems.

ATEC works to develop industrially-relevant technologies and devices in the areas of heat transfer and thermal management that provide significant improvement in performance over current products. These thermal management components, which incorporate U.Maryland inventions as well as in-house technologies, are being transitioned to commercial companies.

ATEC's core competency is advanced heat transfer techniques involving electric field manipulation of the fluid flow, advanced structures, and new materials. ATEC works closely with Prof. Ohadi and Research Prof. Dessiatoun, as well as with other U.Maryland professors, in the area of advanced thermal technologies. ATEC holds several technology licenses from the U.Maryland.

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Thermal Management
  • Electronics cooling
  • Micro-groove heat sinks
  • Micro-groove cold plates
  • Heat transfer
  • Thermal modeling of LED arrays
  • Cryogenic systems
HX Instrumentation
  • Emissivity sensors
  • Heat flux sensors
Phase Separation
  • EHD oil separators

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